Whether readers are sailing the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the South Seas, Alaska, Southeast Asia, or the waterways of Europe, Stern’s Guide to the Cruise Vacation: 2017 Edition is the most comprehensive guide available, with details on all aspects of cruise-ship travel.

This guide has been written to familiarize those who have never encountered the delights of the open sea with what they can expect from a cruise vacation as well as to assist seasoned sailors in making intelligent selections for their next ship and cruise grounds.

Chapter 9 offers a detailed description of each major cruise line and the vessels of its fleet. Included are overall ratings for each ship (Star Awards) as well as a description of medical facilities, photographs, sample menus, and daily programs for each cruise line. Chapter 10 provides similar coverage for every major riverboat and barge company. Chapter 11 summarizes the overall ratings (Star Awards) and goes on to rate ships from each major cruise line in eleven specific categories.

It also includes a description of the various cruise grounds and ports of call, setting forth points of interest, restaurants, beaches, sports facilities, and what you can cover with only limited time ashore.